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one of a kind  unique event Experience !
Searching for a standout feature to elevate your event? Introducing the GlamBot-  available for rent to enhance activations, live events, and beyond!

Our cutting-edge robotic arm, coupled with a high-speed slow-motion camera, captures extraordinary action shots reminiscent of cinematic and high-end production.

Whether it's a red carpet affair or a tailored activation, collaborate with us to transform your vision into reality, providing users with an unparalleled experience they've never witnessed before!

Experience the dynamic prowess of Glambot, as it is propelled by a high-speed robotic camera arm, delivering intense and rapid movements reminiscent of blockbuster films.

Enlist the expertise of our on-site director, freeing your audience to fully engage with the camera while our director takes charge of the creative process.

Elevate the visual appeal of your high-speed videos with our exceptional lighting solutions, ensuring remarkable clarity and vividness.

Rest easy as our dedicated on-site tech team manages the entire process, from installation to operation and removal, guaranteeing a hassle-free experience.

Enable users to effortlessly retrieve their videos post-session through our cloud-based sharing platform, ensuring a seamless and quick sharing experience.

Make a lasting impression on every Glambot video, paving the way for the creation of thousands, if not millions, of impactful social media impressions.

Glambot in action.

Glambot in action.

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